Together we are stronger

The main objective of the Saborea Lanzarote (Tasting Lanzarote) digital platform is to improve knowledge about local producers and raise perception of their offer, to increase their visibility and to try to clarify and enhance the existing offer among consumers using a single platform.


We are increasingly aware of the importance of food in our lives, and even more so in the midst of this unprecedented health crisis.

We have detected this awareness among different audiences, as well as a growing interest in local consumption, including the consumption of local food ("0 km food"). Many initiatives have been launched in the last month, and it’s time to take the next step into practice – to get that product to the consumer more efficiently.

It is clear that a local product will find it difficult to compete in terms of price, but it will compete in coherence. Consumption values and criteria have to change; proximity (0 km) versus the social distancing imposed by COVID 19.

Based on this new reality, which includes changes in preferences and, with this, the appearance of new consumer habits, and taking into account that the economic capacity of the consumer will be affected, we need to launch an awareness campaign aimed at society as a whole. This initiative was born with the aim of raising awareness of the benefits of consuming Lanzarote's 0 km products, and so contributing to the implementation of a sustainable distribution model that supports the local economy.

We are at a time of change where values are being redefined. It is in this strategic context that we are framing this action of the creation of a digital platform that connects consumers with local producers and businesses, and presenting it as another communication option with which to tackle the loss of habitual sales channels.