Saborea Lanzarote


In 2010 Saborea España (Tasting Spain) was born, a product club sponsored by Turespaña and with members comprised of different tourist destinations with gastronomic attractions (restaurants, hotels, food products, wineries, etc.).

All the stakeholders involved are working towards common objectives: turning tourist products into gastronomic experiences; broadening the concept of gastronomic tourism by working on the notion of authentic Spanish gastronomic culture linked to the land; broadening the content and adding value with respect to the current offer; incorporating new uses into the primary sector by linking them to tourism; and taking a more ambitious and innovative approach to promotion and marketing, identifying and capturing new markets.

Lanzarote is a founding member through the Saborea Lanzarote (Tasting Lanzarote) brand, and has been part of this project since its beginnings. In this regard, work is being done to promote quality tourism based on the enhancement of local agri-food products, creating unique tourism experiences associated with gastronomy and viticulture and promoting the island’s best products. Without a doubt, Saborea Lanzarote (Tasting Lanzarote) represents a commitment to wine and food as differentiating elements of the tourist destination.