• Helathlon Ice cream shop

    Helathlon Ice cream shop

    Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11.00 to 21.00 h.

  • Restaurante Casa Brígida

    Restaurante Casa Brígida

    “Seafood Cuisine" specialised in fish, rice dishes, market cuisine, and of course excellent grilled meats.

  • Restaurante La Marea

    Restaurante La Marea

    Innovative and fresh cuisine with local and seasonal produce

  • Taberna El Bocadito

    Taberna El Bocadito

    Skewers, Tapas, Grilled meat, Signature cuisine with the best products from Lanzarote

  • Sushi Bar Minato

    Sushi Bar Minato

    MINATO is a “SUSHI BAR” experience aimed at providing well-being in a creative and natural way

  • Restaurante Mirador de Las Salinas

    Restaurante Mirador de Las Salinas

    El Mirador invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of rice and fish and seafood in the area

  • Restaurante Mar Azul (Casa Luis)

    Restaurante Mar Azul (Casa Luis)

    Fresh fish and seafood from the Canary Islands, spectacular views and by the sea

  • Restaurante Isla Bonita

    Restaurante Isla Bonita

    You can taste different typical dishes of our gastronomy

  • Restaurante Aroma-Hotel Lava Beach

    Restaurante Aroma-Hotel Lava Beach

    We offer a fresh, lively, signature menu and seasonal tasting menu with local produce, but what we offer the most…

  • Restaurante Amura

    Restaurante Amura

    A unique, suggestive and special gastronomic experience for all your senses, where creativity and flavor are conveyed

  • Óleo Lanzarote Tapas & Beer Garden

    Óleo Lanzarote Tapas & Beer Garden

    Local wines and beers, with a selection of tapas made with organic products from Finca Machinda

  • Lo Que Sea

    Lo Que Sea

    Wide variety of dishes with local products

  • La Cascada del Puerto

    La Cascada del Puerto

    Taste of a fresh, seasonal and essentially local product

  • La Caja de Tapas

    La Caja de Tapas

    Homemade tapas, wine from Lanzarote. A unique site

  • Kentia Gourmet Club – La Isla y El Mar Hotel Boutique

    Kentia Gourmet Club – La Isla y El

    Creative cuisine where we combine cuisine from different parts of the world, with flavors and techniques adapted to island gastronomy

  • Restaurante Alma tapas & +

    Restaurante Alma tapas & +

    The best of the land and the sea with daily suggestions and seasonal products

  • Restaurante Amendoa

    Restaurante Amendoa

    Gastronomy with fresh top quality products

  • Cantina Don Rafael

    Cantina Don Rafael

    Cocina mexicana con recetas llenas de color y sabor con excelente producto local

  • Arenas Lounge

    Arenas Lounge

    Tradition and proximity will be present in our dishes, treated with the greatest respect and subtlety

  • Restaurante La Lapa Negra

    Restaurante La Lapa Negra

    Cozy restaurant, specialized in fish, seafood and rice. Local and best quality products.

  • Restaurante La Puerta Verde

    Restaurante La Puerta Verde

    Original Mediterranean signature cuisine with Canary Island touches

  • Trattoria Il Nonno

    Trattoria Il Nonno

    Italian gastronomy with the best of our sea and our land

  • Restaurante La Maresía

    Restaurante La Maresía

    Traditional seafood with a fresh, innovative air.

  • Chiringuito Tropical

    Chiringuito Tropical

    Chriringuito (beach bar) 500 metres from the Pechiguera lighthouse, where you can sample all kinds of rice dishes and local…

  • Primario Gastrobar

    Primario Gastrobar

    Market gastro-bar, our land allows us to show ourselves as we are.

  • Restaurante Cocina del Puerto

    Restaurante Cocina del Puerto

    Creative dishes and fantastic portions depending on the produce we find in the market

  • Liken Restaurant

    Liken Restaurant

    New Canarian cuisine. Rice dishes, fresh fish from the island and seafood.

  • Kokoxili sushi & Asian cuisine

    Kokoxili sushi & Asian cuisine

    Quality Asian cuisine with a clear commitment to local produce

  • Restaurante La Bodega de Santiago

    Restaurante La Bodega de Santiago

    Top quality raw materials, in a wonderful setting,

  • Restaurant Girasol Casa Margucha

    Restaurant Girasol Casa Margucha

    Fresh produce from the island, captured from the sea and the surrounding shores

  • Restaurante Coentro

    Restaurante Coentro

    Coentro, Joao Faraco's cuisine with a soul of its own and featuring local raw materials

  • Restaurante Cala

    Restaurante Cala

    Restaurant specialising in food prepared with top quality local produce.

  • Restaurante El Varadero (La Graciosa)

    Restaurante El Varadero (La Graciosa)

    Canary Island cuisine on La Graciosa

  • Restaurante Lilium

    Restaurante Lilium

    We cook with a Canary Island feel

  • Kamezí Deli & Bistro

    Kamezí Deli & Bistro

    This is a temple to gastronomy where you will enjoy sophisticated market cuisine based on 0 km produce.

  • Restaurante Casa-Museo del Campesino

    Restaurante Casa-Museo del Campesino

    The kitchen staff of the Casa-Museo del Campesino are experts in the local Canary Island cuisine and the island's traditional…

  • Brisa Marina Juan El Majorero

    Brisa Marina Juan El Majorero

    Canary Island cuisine made with fresh and local produce, both from the sea and the land.

  • Restaurante Dunas de Famara

    Restaurante Dunas de Famara

    Market cuisine made with local seasonal produce and modern preparations

  • Restaurante El Risco

    Restaurante El Risco

    0 km cooking with a markedly Canary island air, sourced seasonally from the market

  • Restaurante Hesperides

    Restaurante Hesperides

    Creative fusion cuisine with local produce

  • El Marinero y la Muchacha

    El Marinero y la Muchacha

    Small restaurant overlooking the sea, specialising in fish.

  • Restaurante Terraza Villa Toledo

    Restaurante Terraza Villa Toledo

    Creative cuisine with the best Lanzarote produce

  • Restaurante Castillo de San José

    Restaurante Castillo de San José

    An elegant Manrique-style space with the best views over the bay of Arrecife. Now with a new menu; the most…

  • Bar Asturias Restaurante

    Bar Asturias Restaurante

    Careful cooking, delicious tapas and the best wines, including Asturian cider.

  • Restaurante Tacande

    Restaurante Tacande

    A gastronomic paradise in a magical atmosphere that invites you to use your senses at every moment.

  • La Lupe Cantina

    La Lupe Cantina

    Variety of Mexican dishes but with a special touch

  • Restaurantes La Ola

    Restaurantes La Ola

    Three perfectly coordinated and constantly evolving restaurants

  • Citurna Casual Food

    Citurna Casual Food

    Excellent raw material, the best preparation and a great variety of dishes for all tastes

  • Cofradía de Pescadores La Tiñosa

    Cofradía de Pescadores La Tiñosa

    Great variety of fresh fish every day and spectacular sea views

  • Daniele Pizza al Taglio

    Daniele Pizza al Taglio

    Gourmet pizza al taglio with Italian and Lanzarote produce.