Frutería Tías Fruit

Minimum order: 25 €
Method of payment: Bank transfer and cash payment.

Contact phone number: 928 936 213


Lanzarote potatoes 1,75 €/kg
Lanzarote sweet potatoes 1,95 €/kg
Corn on the cob 1,25  €/each
Lanzarote watermelon 1,98 €/kg
Galia melon 2,25 €/kg
Lanzarote onions 1,25 €/kg
Lanzarote tomatoes 1,85 €/kg

They also have a wide variety of organic fruit and vegetable, as well as wines, gofio, jams and mojo sauces from Lanzarote.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 08.30 to 20.30 h.

Address:  C/La Luchada, 3 - Tías

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