Frequently Asked Questions

Saborea Lanzarote (Tasting Lanzarote) works to connect the demand (consumers) with the suppliers (producers and local businesses) who produce and market Lanzarote's 0 km products.

The platform functions as follows: you can filter by the product categories that interest you and find local businesses and producers according to your search. You will be able to access an entry for each local business or producer, where you will find the contact details and information of interest needed to place your order, directly with that business or producer.

Can I order online?
No. The objective of this platform is to connect consumers with local producers and businesses through a directory. In each entry you will have the possibility of placing your order using the contact methods supplied by each producer or business.

Where will I receive my order?
Each order transaction is made directly between the consumer and the producer or business. The entry for each will specify the methods of purchase and delivery.

What payment methods do they accept?
Each producer or local business accepts different methods of payment. Please check each entry to see which payment methods they accept once they receive your order.

When I visit the entry for each producer or local business, I don’t see their products.
The platform connects the consumer directly with the producer or local business. For each entry you can see the product speciality, but not the specific product they offer or its quantities. When contacting them, you will have to ask about the availability of their products and their prices, and then place your order directly with the producer or local business.

I need further information that is not listed here.
If you have any issues or questions about the platform, you can contact our technical support to consumers department via email: We will contact you as soon as possible.

I am a producer or local business
I am a producer or I have a local business and I want to register. Where can I do this?
If you are a Lanzarote producer or a local business that sells the island's 0 km products, you can register at the following link.

I am a producer or I have a local business and I have an problem with an order.
If you are a producer or you have a local business and you have a question or query about logistics, or of any other type that makes it difficult for you to provide a responsible and quality service in relation to the orders made, please contact us through the following email: