• Lágrima de Malvasía Volcánica Vinegar

    Vinegar made from Malvasía Volcánica wine one hundred percent Lanzarote

  • La Caja de Tapas

    La Caja de Tapas

    Arrecife - Homemade tapas, wine from Lanzarote. A unique site

  • Trattoria Il Nonno

    Trattoria Il Nonno

    Arrecife - Italian gastronomy with the best of our sea and our land

  • Kokoxili sushi & Asian cuisine

    Kokoxili sushi & Asian cuisine

    Arrecife - Quality Asian cuisine with a clear commitment to local produce

  • Restaurante Cala

    Restaurante Cala

    Arrecife - Restaurant specialising in food prepared with top quality local produce.

  • Restaurante Lilium

    Restaurante Lilium

    Arrecife - We cook with a Canary Island feel

  • The V Factor

    The V Factor

    Arrecife - Food and environment cared for according to the V philosophy.

  • Restaurante Castillo de San José

    Restaurante Castillo de San José

    Arrecife - An elegant Manrique-style space with the best views over the bay of Arrecife. Now with a new menu;…

  • Bar Asturias Restaurante

    Bar Asturias Restaurante

    Arrecife - Careful cooking, delicious tapas and the best wines, including Asturian cider.

  • La Lupe Cantina

    La Lupe Cantina

    Arrecife - Variety of Mexican dishes but with a special touch

  • Somm & Company

    Somm & Company

    Gourmet shop with local products

  • Territorio Sibarita

    Territorio Sibarita

    A place dedicated to lovers of good food and wine, we offer quality local products

  • Ecoventa Lanzarote

    Ecoventa Lanzarote

    Ecological products of Lanzarote

  • Carnes y embutidos Chacón

    Carnes y embutidos Chacón

    Canary Islands company specialised in the distribution of fresh meat and elaboration of own product

  • Pescadería Cofradía San Ginés

    Pescadería Cofradía San Ginés

    Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00 h.

  • Pescadería Lanzapesca

    Pescadería Lanzapesca

    Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 07:30 to 14:30 h.

  • Pastelería Dulce Natural

    Pastelería Dulce Natural

    Minimum order: 35 €

  • Panadería El Pilar

    Panadería El Pilar

    Opening hours: Monday to saturday from 06.00 to 14.30 h.

  • Cerveza NAO

    Cerveza NAO

    Minimum order: Pack of 12 uds.